Maruti decided on converting all small cars to CNG

With the BS-VI norms, the branded automobile companies decided to bring an end to diesel cars. Nevertheless, Maruti has come up with one more decision in favor of both the government and the masses. Maruti is all set to converting all small cars to CNG to overcome the impact of the slowdown of sale and promoting green fuel. 

Key points 

  • Establishing 10,000 CNG outlets
  • Hope to ascertain more demand for CNG vehicles
  • Promotion of green fuel 

How will Maruti’s decision of converting all small cars to CNG impact?

Maruti is experiencing a slowdown in its vehicle sale that too by 35.9%. It is not a good number at all for a giant car maker like Maruti. 

As per the sources, a senior official from Maruti stated – The decision of rolling the small cars with CNG is to promote green fuel in the country. Plus it is a great substitute over the use of oils like petrol and diesel. Maruti has already increased the production of CNG vehicles by 50%. 

The new BSVI Emission Norms for Diesel vehicles

At this point in time, almost 30Lakh vehicles are running over the road with CNG. Maruti has itself sold around 5Lkahs and more vehicles until now and more than 31,000 CNG car s in last quarter. The popular places include Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Haryana. 

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It is being said that the company is taking this step to amplify its diminishing sale from last year. Maruti is an Automobile giant, and there is no second thought about it. Making such a big decision of converting all small cars to CNG will inevitably impact on the sale of small cars. Also looking over the new laws released by the government over the consumption of oil by cars will be justified. It will also help in reducing the import of oil from other countries and will booze up the economy with 50%. By converting all small cars to CNG, will not only help the economy, but the environment will also hail its benefits. 

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