Maruti Suzuki Alto: More Than 4 Million Units Sold In India

Maruti Suzuki Alto: More That 4 Million Units Sold In India

Maruti Suzuki captures a very large share of the market in the automobile industry. Particularly, Maruki Suzuki Alto, which is also the most preferred car in the country. The car manufactured by Maruti Suzuki is not just affordable but is the best in quality too. 


With its huge market share and successful background, Maruti Suzuki Alto has become a signature car for most of the well-to-do families. Talk about its mileage, fuel consumption, safety features, or its looks, Alto gives a tough competition to many giant car manufacturers.

Recently, Maruti Suzuki Alto has crossed more than 40 lakh sales in India. Alto is not just the most popular car but has also the first car to reach this milestone. As per the data, Alto maintained its status as the best-seller for 16 consecutive years.

Maruti Suzuki Alto: A Progressive Career Since 2000

Introduced in the market back in 2000, its makers have kept on increasing its brand value and customer relationships since then.

  • 2008: Around 10 lakh units of Maruti Suzuki Alto were sold
  • 2012: Another 10 lakh units were sold, making the sales more than 20 lakhs
  • 2019: Another 10 lakh units sold, making total sales equal to 30 lakhs
  • Current Position: Recently, the company achieved record sales of 40 lakh units.

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Maruti Suzuki’s BS6 Type Cars

It seems as the company was ready in advance for the government’s norms. As soon as the Indian govt. announced policies regarding BS6 type vehicles in May, the makers were quick enough to come with cars with BS6 engines.

Maruti Suzuki Alto offers you 6 petrol variants and 2 CNG variants in its vehicles. It has maintained its status for the number 1 selling car in the country for more than a decade and is expected to reach more milestones in the future as well. 

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